Deep Gaussian Processes

deepGPyI have a project that requires identifying sequences of signals and classifying them in various ways and I have been looking for good techniques that could be applied to the problem. I came across a paper on Deep Gaussian Processes. They are somewhat related to deep neural networks but have an advantage in requiring a lot less training data. Since the generation of high quality training data is a big issue with DNNs, this is quite appealing. There are some GitHub repos with Python code to make getting started easier. The screenshot is from a demo in the deepGPy repo. Hopefully it will do what I want but, at the very least, I am learning some new mathematics.

The Shack

Shack 2Just came across this old photo of the shack at Windansea beach. One of those photos where things accidentally happen at the right time. The Shack on Windansea beach is pretty famous locally – not to be confused with The Shack on La Jolla Boulevard which is more notorious than famous :-).