Getting the GTX 1070 working with CUDA on Ubuntu 16.04

GTX1070For some reason, using the latest NVIDIA driver (367.35 at time of writing) with the GTX 1070 meant that it wasn’t recognized by CUDA on my system. Instead, it was necessary to go back to 367.27. The file has to be manually downloaded from that link. To install, generally I find the easiest way to do it is to ssh in from another machine and enter:

sudo apt-get autoremove --purge nvidia-*
sudo service lightdm stop
sudo sh <path to driver>

A reboot should then kick in the new driver. An issue with CUDA 7.5 (and 8RC I believe) is that it doesn’t like the gcc version that much when it comes to compiling the samples. The simple fix is to comment out the check line in /usr/local/cuda/include/host_config.h. Easiest way to find it it is to run the samples Makefile – the compiler will happily tell you where the error is coming from… Then just sudo edit the file and comment out the line indicated by the error message.

Deep convolutional neural networks in practice

Found this very interesting paper on deep convolutional neural networks via a post on the MIT Technology Review web site. It describes a system using multiple GPUs to achieve pretty accurate image recognition. What’s even better, code is available here for multiple NVIDIA CUDA systems. I need to look at it in more detail but it looks like it has all the necessary config files to set up the neural network as described in the paper and would be a good starting point for other uses.