The cost of non-compete agreements

This story in the New York Times makes pretty horrible reading. In my optimism I thought that non-competes were on their way to oblivion but apparently that is not the case. States that fail to implement laws banning non-competes will eventually suffer the economic consequences – they need to wake up and fix this.

Here’s another piece from the NYT on the same subject.

Interesting story about EMC and non-competes

It’s fun to Google “EMC non-competes” or something similar. EMC were well known for their scorched earth policy regarding non-competes as described in this old Fortune piece. I am curious to know how things are now that Dell owns EMC. Massachusetts seems in a complete mess with regards to non-competes, probably not helped by EMC’s influence. Apparently they have been trying for many years to come up with something that is still appalling for the victims…oops, employees (sorry 🙂 ). Don’t worry, there’s always California.