GStreamer launch for processing RTSP/H.264 video on the Jetson TK1

IP cameras such as the Foscam FI9821 stream network video using H.264 over RTSP. The gstreamer-0.10 launch code snippet below creates a pipeline that allows an application to get access to the streaming video as a series of RGB frames via the appsink plug-in. It makes use of the Jetson TK1‘s hardware acceleration for H.264 decoding.

launch = g_strdup_printf (
     " rtspsrc location=rtsp://%s:%d/videoMain user-id=%s user-pw=%s "
     " ! gstrtpjitterbuffer ! rtph264depay ! queue ! nv_omx_h264dec "
     " ! capsfilter caps=\"video/x-raw-yuv\" ! ffmpegcolorspace "
     " ! capsfilter caps=\"video/x-raw-rgb\" ! queue ! appsink name=videoSink0 "
     m_IPAddress, m_port, m_user, m_pw);
 m_pipeline = gst_parse_launch(launch, &error);