SequenceSafe – making personalized medicine more personal

SequenceSafeOk, that’s not a real device – just a mock-up of something that I think might be useful. SequenceSafe is intended to solve three problems:

  • Giving everyone access to their sequenced genome in a way that brings positive benefits to their healthcare.
  • Solving one of the biggest challenges of mass whole genome sequencing – where to put the data.
  • Ensuring that a person’s sequenced genome stays confidential.

The idea is pretty simple. An individual sends a sample for sequencing and the result is a SequenceSafe that holds the sequence data. The owner keeps this in a safe place and takes it along to doctor or pharmacy visits. The SequenceSafe never releases the whole sequence. Instead, the device acts as an oracle – health care professionals can ask it questions about aspects of the sequence and get responses. Health care professionals can connect to the device via bluetooth or USB and SequenceSafe only operates once the owner has authorized its use with a fingerprint.

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