rt-xr SpaceObject sharing and persistence demo

SpaceObjects are dynamic objects that can be created, manipulated and deleted within the sentient space. The sticky note SpaceObject is the perfect vehicle for demonstrating these capabilities, as shown in the video below (which would have been even better if the camera had been exactly horizontal but, oh well). The monitor on the left is showing the rt-xrViewer app for Windows desktop, the one on the right is the Mixed Reality Portal showing the rt-xrViewer app for Windows Mixed Reality. I was wearing the WMR headset and using a motion controller to interact with the space. Right now you can create a sticky note, position it, add and edit the text and also delete it. In fact, any occupant of the space, physical or virtual, can edit the text if they want (obviously permissions for all of this is a TODO). Any number of sticky notes can be created and left around the space as a sort of virtual graffiti.

It’s a little tough to see but, as the text is being edited on the WMR app, the text is changing in real-time on the desktop app. Not totally necessary but kind of amusing to watch.

SpaceObject sharing is performed using the SpaceServer while the SharingServer provides the avatar pose sharing and audio sharing as before. Of course this all works on macOS, Android and iOS so that any reasonable device can participate. And of course AR and MR headset users can interact with SpaceObjects. The SpaceServer is able to make persistent all salient settings for each SpaceObject. All SpaceObjects persist position, rotation, and scale. In the case of the sticky note, it also includes the current text. Any occupant coming into an existing session will get the latest space state when they receive the space definition from the SpaceServer and from then on they will receive real-time updates of any changes.

These latest capabilities, coupled with the spatialized audio sharing, create a quite nice collaborative environment. Next up is the ability to download SpaceObjects on demand from object servers. Since SpaceObjects can also be proxy objects, this opens the door to all kinds of active bling to brighten up the space.

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