YAXRH – this time a Samsung Odyssey Windows MR headset

This Samsung Odyssey Windows MR headset just arrived and it is really quite good. The earlier developer’s HP headset didn’t have the motion controllers so a HoloLens clicker (or Xbox controller) had to be repurposed for meaningful interaction. The motion controllers are really kind of fun and it’s totally spooky to watch the virtual joysticks move all by themselves when you adjust the real joysticks. The built in sound is another great advantage. It makes the headset somewhat bulky but the benefit is great spatial sound. The images are pretty good too although you do have to get the headset positioned correctly for optimum quality. Once you do, there’s not too much chromatic aberration in a fairly reasonable central area. The distance between the lenses is also adjustable which is another assist in getting good visual quality. The display certainly has the usual screen door effect but it isn’t really very offensive and resolution seems very acceptable. On the negative side, the display does not flip up (well it does once if you push hard enough 🙂 ) which is a bit of a negative while developing software where it is sometimes handy to go back and forth to a desktop display.

It’s kind of fun to open up the desktop and look at the MR Portal there so you can get the classic video feedback effect. I tried watching some movie trailers – not too bad. I then tried a game called Rock and Rails. Yes, well, that didn’t last too long. Instant vertigo and motion sensitivity – these things are just too immersive!

Anyway, a worthy addition to to the growing pile of headsets here.

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