Ektachrome back from the grave

Interesting story here about Kodak’s plans to bring back Ektachrome film. It seems that the pendulum is swinging once again. Movies are being shot on Super 16 film, vintage movie lenses are being hunted down just because they are so imperfect, anamorphic lenses are being used on film again to get the unique grain effects etc. I used to find film fun but nerve-wracking. The photo above was shot on a medium format film camera a few decades ago – no automatic white balance available there! This could have been Ektachrome or Fujifilm Velvia. I printed the original on Cibachrome and then scanned it many years later – the Cibachrome is still in pretty good shape. Can’t believe I actually had the patience to hand print color reversal stuff. No plans to switch from digital even though I have a bunch of quite decent film cameras kicking around. It’s too much like hard work.

I noticed the smell of unprocessed film when I was looking for old XR headsets the other day so I decided to find the source. Turns out I had some Ektachrome, Velvia and Gold (print film) in a camera bag used for an old Canon AE-1. The print film expired in 1992 so probably isn’t that usable by now – the others must date from the same era.

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