There’s always a bigger boat…or two

It came as a bit of a surprise at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show that the 147 foot yacht here is regarded as barely even mid-size! Apparently this is a bit small to hold all of the required toys so one of these might be needed as an addition:

This is a support yacht and it’s where you keep your helicopter (or two if you want to do heli-skiing properly apparently), submarine, jet skis, tender, guests that you don’t really like etc etc. The idea is that it races ahead so that, when the owner arrives, everything is set up and ready. It seems that this is actually a cost-effective solution to a problem that extremely few people have. Whatever, it is an impressive piece of engineering in its own right and that giant crane looks like it could lift anything.

Definitely worth visiting this boat show – it’s totally mind-boggling in its scale.

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