Apache Nifi, MQTT and the Bosch XDK

Turned out to be really easy to drive Apache NiFi from the Bosch XDK sensor node via MQTT. The XDK actually has an MQTT example project that does pretty much everything for you – it’s the MQTT Paho demo on this page. I am using it with the mosquitto broker on Ubuntu.

The screen capture shows the output of a simple display application that subscribes to the MQTT topic and graphs the sensor values. This is actually a version of sensorview in the rtndf GitHub repo. It doesn’t display the gyro or magnetometer data from the XDK but it displays the rest of the data.

On the Apache NiFi side of things, I am using the ConsumeMQTT processor. This is an example of a data record recovered from the provenance data.

One day, if I am feeling really keen, I could port the old RTIMULib2 software onto the XDK and fill out the sensorpose field in the message with something other than zeroes.

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