VIRB 360 capture with the Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4K

One of the things I have come to realize with 360 degree cameras is that it’s tough to hide anything in the video. You can get a good view of my shredded jeans in this fairly surreal snap.

This was captured from the VIRB 360 HDMI feed by a Blackmagic Pro 4K using the SDK. This took longer than expected as for some reason the captured image seems to be 1920 x 2160 but in a 3840 x 2160 buffer. Not sure what’s going on but obviously it would be nice to find the source of this problem so that the full spatial resolution is available. I cheated for the moment just by doubling each pixel in the horizontal direction.

The screen capture above shows what the output looks like using the CapturePreview sample that’s part of the Blackmagic SDK. Maybe it’s a driver issue of some sort. The right hand side has in the past contained previous captures at other resolutions. It’s very odd.

Incidentally, while working on this the battery on the VIRB 360 died because it was on for quite a while and I have now discovered that you can indeed fit a USB cable and HDMI cable at the same time if you are prepared to break things :-). I might actually file down the plastic covers on the cables so that they fit nicely. This will make software development a lot easier!

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