Even simpler mount for HoloLens SpectatorView

One of the most fascinating uses for the HoloLens is as part of a SpectatorView rig, which allows recording of very high quality mixed reality videos. The original mount was complicated but there is also a design for an alternate mount that is much simpler and does not require taking the HoloLens apart. My version is actually slightly simpler than that in some ways.

The original instructions suggest taking the thumbscrews out of the horizontal bracket but I left them in. This requires drilling out the center hole of the two clamps to 0.25 inches and using a nut but that seemed easier than changing everything. BTW the EOS 60D is not the camera I plan to use – it is just a mule for the photos. I was using the real camera to take the photos :-).

There’s actually another useful mode and that’s without the camera so that the tripod bolt goes straight into the horizontal bracket. This is very handy for capturing stable mixed reality from the HoloLens itself rather than the much more complicated true SpectatorView setup.

These are the parts that I used:

Add a tripod and HoloLens and you are good to go.

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