Why HoloLens is like Aibo…except hopefully it isn’t

aibohololensLooks like Aibo has got hold of my HoloLens again. So why is HoloLens like Aibo? Well Aibo was an absolutely fantastic piece of engineering and way ahead of its time. Sony managed to make a viable consumer robot that didn’t do anything practical but nevertheless was highly entertaining. Some of the tricks it can do with its ball are very impressive to say the least! The skill in building robots is to bring together a large number of disparate technologies and integrate them into a consistent product. Aibo is a great example of doing this in a very successful way.

HoloLens similarly brings a raft of disparate technologies into a very well engineered and complete device that seems to stand alone in terms of the totality of its capabilities for Mixed Reality. It really does remind me of Aibo in this regard.

Just one thing. Sony killed off the entire robotics effort because it wasn’t making enough cash in the short term, a wonderful example of myopia in my opinion. I am hoping that Microsoft don’t fall into the same trap with HoloLens. This piece suggests that HoloLens won’t suffer a similar fate which is fantastic. The AR and MR market is going to be driven by continuing new developments in devices that make them smaller, lighter and have longer battery life so that, one day, people will wear them all day and leave their smartphones gathering dust in a drawer. I look forward to seeing and using many future generations of HoloLens!

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