Building the HoloToolkit.Sharing Library

Collaboration using AR is a fascinating area with many potential applications. The HoloToolkit is a very handy resource in general and includes the HoloToolkit.Sharing library to assist with collaboration. The HoloToolkit-Unity actually contains built versions of the Server, SessionManager and Profiler but it seemed like a good idea to build from scratch.

There are a few pre-requisites:

  • Windows SDK 10.0.10240
  • Windows SDK 10.0.10586
  • Common Tools for Visual C++
  • Windows 8.1 SDK and Universal CRT SDK
  • Java 8 SDK

An easy way to get the Windows SDKs is to run the BuildAll.bat script which will exit with an error if something is missing. Then use the solution file for the element that failed to start VS2015. VS2015 will then install the missing components. The Java SDK needs to be installed manually and requires environment variables JAVA_BIN that points to the JDK bin directory and JAVA_INCLUDE that points to the JDK include directory. The BuildAll.bat script should then complete successfully.

The Server is run using SharingService.exe and the user needs administrator permission to install as a service. This can be done by opening a command window in administrator mode and running the command from that for example. It’s actually useful to run the server using the -local flag (as a command line program) as then it’s easy to see status and error messages. The SessionManager displays current server state including connected clients.

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