The HoloLens is absolute magic

hololens2I really don’t know how this guy got into my office. Spent the last couple of hours trying to grab the HoloLens back from people in the house playing Fragments. Of course now everyone wants me to buy a HoloLens. The quality is actually much better than the screen shot suggests – the rats running around on the office floor were especially amusing. And who are these people standing around?hololens3I used the HoloLens companion app to get these screen captures – it allows others to see what the wearer is seeing.

The nice thing is that nobody has complained of any motion effects. I am usually the most sensitive and can only last about five minutes with an Oculus DK2 but even I survived just fine. Being untethered with no wires or other boxes to worry about is a major plus. Just put it on and play.

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